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An Honest Football Betting Tipsters Review of The Draw Betting Strategy by BetonDraws and JKDiego


Here is a hands-on experience of two of the most talked-about football betting tipsters. From our one-month hands-on experience of the draw betting tips offered by and JKDiego, we have compiled this review to guide others who may want to go the way of betting on draws. Read through this JK Diego and BetonDraws review.

We narrowed down our search to these two, KJ Diego and as they are two of the most popular tipsters that offer the closest of what can be termed perfect draw predictions. In the absence of 100% winning in any betting market. sure draw bet may be the way to go.

Our terms may not be very professional; our major interest was to check the strike rate of both football betting tipsters. You can use that to work out the finer details as you wish. Just have in mind that we are discussing betting tips for goalless draw predictions today and other draw score lines. Let’s go ….





Strike Rate



Average number of bets per day




$175/week or $497/month

$25/3 days or $55/week or

$90 per 2 weeks or $150/month



Very Good


3 Stars

4 Stars


This is our honest betting review of the 2 most popular Tipsters that predict full-time draws on the internet. They are and JKDiego. There may be others, but these 2 are the most prominent and the most popular full-time draw prediction site. They are the football guru with full-time draw tips

The draw betting strategy is highly profitable if the tips are averagely correct, but also can be very frustrating if the tips are wrong. On average, a full-time draw is traded at about 3.10 to 3.15 odds each, and this is what attracts a lot of bettors to draw betting.

In doing this football betting tipsters review of and Jkdiegu, we had to subscribe to the services of both Draw Tipsters and followed their results. Because JKDgo is a lot more expensive, we subscribed to his service in bits. That is, we subscribed for 1 week at a time.

The prices of BetOnDraws are a lot cheaper, so we were able to subscribe for a 1-month subscription immediately. We really don’t understand the reason why one should be so high and the other very affordable, but nonetheless, we proceeded to pay for both.


We didn’t place real money bets using either of their tips, but we simulated real-world outcomes of their betting tips basing our simulation on a $20 initial stake. This is also the amount both services use as examples in their blog posts. In arriving at the information contained in this football betting tipster review of Betondraws and JK Diego, making money was not our primary aim.

We set aside $800 virtual money to accommodate the increasing stake system that both tipsters promote for their tips. At the end of the one-month testing period, here is our profit or loss from both services:

We had a profit of $2,361 with tips from This was quite impressive and considering we didn’t have a long losing streak at any time.

Our profit from JK was $1,731. Although we have to specifically state that we missed one day of betting because we could not subscribe on time due to no funds in our PayPal account. On the said day that we missed, they had 1 win out of 3 tips.

So this is a cool $630 difference in profit by which BetOnDraws surpassed JKDiego. This may or may not be the norm, but it was what happened within the month.


3 Days

1 Week

2 Weeks

1 Month

JK Diego

Not Available


Not Available







As stated, there is a gulf in the price for both services. We will let you do your own take if the prices are good, underpriced, or overpriced. This review of Betondraws and JK Diego is not mainly bout price though.
Pricing is one very important factor every draw tipster has to take into cognizance. This is so because the paying public will also invest some money in staking to be able to recoup. That is why good pricing is very important. That is left for everyone to decide what good pricing means to him/her.


Bet On Draws sends its draw picks to its subscribers in 2 ways. Their VIP members have the option of receiving their draw tips through either email or through WhatsApp messages.

From our understanding, they first send out the tips by email and follow it up about 5 to 10 minutes later by WhatsApp. This has been very consistent.

JKdgo on his part only sends his tips through WhatsApp. His members don’t have the option of receiving by email.

I believe that both teams are somehow scared of hackers, so they have vehemently refused to use any kind of online membership site to host their tips like other big tipster websites.

Since BetOnDraws are always online on their website chat service, we used the opportunity to ask why they don’t host their tips on a member’s website. They said it’s more convenient for Subscribers to receive the tips on their mobile devices than having to go to a website to view them. Hmmm, smart answer. Well, that’s what this football betting tipster is all about

What needs improving

Both teams should consider adding their tips on a membership kind of website so users have even more options to get their betting tips. Both draw tipsters need to up their game here.

JK should also think about adding email delivery. I know quite a few people who don’t do WhatsApp.


Longest Winning and Losing Streak

While we were subscribed to both services, here are the longest winning and losing streaks we experienced. Just like every other football betting tipsters review, this jk deigu review will look at the winning and losing streak.

Longest Losing streak

Diego had a worse losing streak. The worst we had with him was 9 bet losing streak. Before then, we also had 7 losses twice and another 5 losses. We had also seen where one of his buyers said he got 11 straight losses using JK Diego tips.

BetOnDraws’ longest losing streak we saw was 7 straight losses. Funny enough, that was followed by a winning streak of 4 games. Then we also saw 2 losing streaks of 4 games.

From the above, it’s obvious that BetOnDraws is much safer than JKDiego, at least this was what played out for a month. We cannot say for other months.

Winning Streak

Both services have their unique winning streaks. We quite understand this, as full-time draw predictions are really not easy. Non had anything longer than 4 straight wins. They would win, lose, win again, and lose again. Non offers 100 draw prediction.

But you have to understand that with the increasing staking system advocated by both services, this is really taken care of. Though their weekend draws prediction offers more tips, obviously due to more games during the weekends.

Diego in a certain period had won 3 games straight, lost 2, and won another 3. That was his longest Winning streak and it’s pretty decent.

BetonDraws on their part had 4 wins followed by 3 losses and another 2 wins and 2 losses followed by another 3 wins. This was their longest winning streak. This was a little more impressive by our reckoning.


This is another very important issue for the bettors. People want flexibility and options to be able to pay in different scenarios. We take a look at the mode of paying both football betting tipsters.

JKDiego accepts only PayPal as a mode of payment. Someone says he accepts Bitcoin, but we have not seen how that works. From the payment page, only PayPal is available.

BetOnDraws accepts PayPal, Credit Card (through PayPal), and Skrill payment options. They also accept other forms of payments, especially called Mobile Money, M-Pesa, and Bitsika from various African countries, and in a few African countries, they accept their local bank cards for mobile transfer and USSD.

Africans bet a lot but on smaller stakes. We can see from top100bookmakers that the most visited bookmaker in the world is Nigeria’s bookmaker, Bet9ja. It receives more website hits daily than the popular Bet365.

What can be improved?

BetOnDraws should look into adding Bitcoin to their mode of payment.

JKdgo should also look into adding other forms of payment. PayPal alone may not be enough.


In sports betting and especially when one is subscribed to a tipster, such a person expects some sort of customer service. So here is our review of the customer service offered by JK Diego and BetOnDraws draw football betting tipsters.

BetOnDraws responds to customer service through email, and WhatsApp, and also has a live support system on its website. We have to state though that on a few occasions, the live support is not responsive.

You may need to come back if your question is not answered immediately. Again, this is understandable, as we know they are not a big company. We suspect it may just be the 3 of them taking turns to respond to customers.

JK Diego responds primarily on WhatsApp. To be honest, we forgot to test if he responds to email questions while we were subscribed to his service. But then, WhatsApp responses are fine. Again, we know he is human.

– JK seems to work alone, but BetOnDraws seems to consist of at least 3 people.

– JK says he is based in Singapore, so his customer service time doesn’t suit Europeans. BetonDraws operates from the UK, so their customer service time suits Europeans and Africans who are in the same time zone.

– One thing though, sometimes, both draw tipsters can be arrogant and blunt in their customer response. For instance, we have read comments where a customer of JKDiego who bought his book, didn’t like it and asked for a refund. He says that Diego replied to him (among other things) “What a low IQ. Will refund later”. Sounds harsh.

BetOnDraws on their part can be impatient sometimes. Perhaps they feel everyone is an experienced bettor and should understand all the terminologies and intrigues used in betting. Also if you ask for free betting tips on their website live chat system, they won’t respond. We feel this shouldn’t be so.

Perhaps draw prediction is so tiring and exhausting, so it makes both teams paranoid. If they can assure of 4 draws football tips, many people will flock to their website.


Both football betting tipsters are trustworthy and legit. After reading a few skeptical comments on some forums, we did our own research before subscribing. It ended up that both JK and BetOnDraws are very legitimate and trustworthy. We didn’t have any issues relating to scams with both services.

Though we saw a comment where a BetOnDraws subscriber from Australia complained that he paid but was not added on time. That it took upwards of 5 hours before BetOnDraws responded to him.

It turned out that since Australia was in a far different time zone to the United Kingdom, the subscriber didn’t put this into consideration.


Occasionally, both teams offer free draw betting tips. This is good for confidence. I have seen a lot of people who only get started after trials with free tips. Though those are limited to popular draws.

JK Diego sends the free tips to those signed up to his email list and they have to click on the links to see the games on another website.

BetOnDraws Free betting tips are posted on their telegram channel, where the general public can see them. Also, they occasionally send out emails to their email list informing them that they have posted free tips on the telegram channel.

Before now, BetOnDraws used to give out other types of bet tips (not just free draws), but they stopped. When we asked them why they said they will resume it soon. We will watch and see.


From our trials, it’s obvious both teams are legitimately offering the draw-betting Tipster service they promote.

It’s also obvious from our trial period that outperformed JKDiego in virtually every aspect. This may be because they are 3 guys, while Diego works alone.

Also, it’s no secret that while BetOnDraws offers higher correct draw predictions, their prices are a lot cheaper than Diego’s.

Most importantly, BetOnDraws earned higher profits during our trials. They outperformed Diego by a cool $630 in our trial period.

There you go. Let us know your own experience if you have subscribed to both or any one of them. Share your experience. Also, feel free to tell us, other top football tipsters, we can review, especially football Acca tipsters. The more we do so, the better they become and help us in our quest to become the richest soccer bettors.

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